Trapped within the makeshift walls of Fort Chance, the frontier settlers of the Aldersgrove Provinces await certain death beneath the blades of the gnoll hordes that once protected the western borders of the provence. Although the Kingsguard are on the way, the gnolls are mobilizing too rapidly. Unless the gnoll incursion suffers a major setback, the Kingsguard will arrive just in time to watch Fort Chance burn to the ground.

(This is a D&D 4e campaign for 4-6 players set in a frontier settlement where the forest meets the badlands. It is adapted from a 3.5 adventure by Tim Hitchcock published in Dungeon in 2007, so if you’re familiar with it, this probably isn’t the campaign for you.)

Basic Info
*Meeting each Tuesday at 6pm during July and August in Haddonfield, NJ. Looking to start ASAP.
*This very much a ‘wilderness’ game- your character is from the fringes of the civilized world helping to defend Fort Chance. There are some important race and class restrictions because of this- please read the Wiki tab for this info.
*please message me here if you’re interested

Call of the Wild